The Krea Circle of Knowledge (KCK)

Krea's content development vertical is called Krea's Circle of Knowledge (KCK).
Organisations and companies today are exploring the concept of having their content created specific to their area of operations and in the line of the vision and mission of the company. This content may be for their internal training purpose and/or for Train the Trainer. There are also organizations that aspire to start off an academy under their flagship but have no experience or expertise to take on the academics or nuances concerning the same. This is precisely where Krea steps in with its products and services.

Intellectual Set up

This product establishes the entire intellectual set up for companies that aspire to create content for academic or internal purposes. Right from helping in hiring and setting up the resources, to aiding the creation of a methodology, training the resources and helping to achieve process maturity, Krea offers guidance to its clients who aspire to be part of the education industry and helps them to create content through its expertise and experience.

Curriculum Development

This product helps educational institutions or universities develop a well researched and structured approach to a pertinent subject or course in the shape of curriculum. This is based on a scientific approach and a rationale based on the market and the aptness of the subject matter in line with the industry.

Krea also aids in the creation of well defined curriculum and structure for academic courses as per norms and guidelines of a University / Governing body, as per the need and requirement of the client. The programs thus created may also be certified by Krea.

Krea Certified Content

Well structured and designed modules may be created or revamped and certified by Krea as per the need and requirement of the client. This could benefit a variety of organizations or institutions that conduct internal / external training.

The relevant training material used by trainers who undergo the Krea T3 may also be validated for the content certification by Krea, if desired by the customer.