Krea Image Management Solutions

Krea Image Management Solutions (KIMS) provides solutions and consultancy in Image Management including a wide range of image-related training and services to individuals, groups, companies and organizations. It helps individuals to understand and conduct the 'ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of one's appearance and its resulting response on oneself, others and on the achievements of one's goals' and thus recognise, the value and worth of appearance and non verbal communication towards success in life. Krea not only conducts training in Image Management, but also conducts intensive personalized sessions with desirous candidates, and helps in cultivating and enhancing the image in entirety.

Krea also offers ongoing solutions to meet challenges that individuals face on a daily basis with regard to appearance, credibility, creating and sustaining an impactful first impression, augmenting personal and professional effectiveness in line with one's inner self, values and lifestyle. In other words, Image Management from the inside out!

The Expert

Ms Kuiljeit Uppaal is lined up to be the First Doctorate(PhD) holder in Image Management in the World!
Apart from being the CEO of Krea, she has been researching the area of Image Management and is armed to offer academic advantages to the world through her research papers in top league international academic journals.

She is also an Internationally Certified Image Management Consultant, personally trained by the veteran image management specialist of America, Ms Judith Rasband of Conselle Institute of Image Management. Kuiljeit Uppaal is a Conselle affiliate and thus, has the added advantage of splendid curriculum and a variety of image clinics that Conselle offers, apart from Ms Rasband's vibrant mentorship.

Image Management- Your Most Visible Credential Today!

Image Management improves the professional image, augments self-presentation skills, increases confidence and credibility needed for success in today's highly competitive world. Krea conducts exclusive Image Management training for individuals and professionals of all levels, profiles and industries/sectors.

  • Generic Coverage
  • The Power and Potency of Image
  • The Influence and Impact of Image
  • Image Strategies
  • Image Makers and Image Breakers
  • Handling your Image in Media – Print, Screen, Media Training, Social Media
  • Effective Body Language in the Professional World
  • Business and Social Etiquette
  • Handling Your Image at an Interview

Krea also nurtures and guides aspiring beauty pageant contestants and models in Persona & Image Management for a more polished image with grace and élan.

Krea Persona & Image Seminars and Training

Krea Image Management Solutions (KIMS) offers Persona and Image related seminars and training modules in the Krea Image+ Series (Krea Image Plus), a plethora of short courses for a wide and varied set of topics and/or group audiences, some of which are mentioned below. These seminars will be conducted for groups with an approximate batch size of 10 -15 participants minimum.

  • Topic Based
  • Krea Image+ for making an Impactful First Impression
  • Krea Image+ for Interview Handling
  • Krea Image+ for Dining Etiquette
  • Krea Image+ for Socialising / Partying
  • Krea Image+ for Presentation Skills
  • Krea Image+ for Make Up Techniques
  • Krea Image+ for Confidence Building
  • Krea Image+ for Public Speaking
  • Krea Image+ for Anger Management
  • Krea Image+ for Body Language
  • Krea Image+ for Learning Styles
  • Krea Image+ for Leadership & Team work

  • Group Based
  • Krea Image+ for Corporate Professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Students / Scholars
  • Krea Image+ for Teachers / Academicians
  • Krea Image+ for Models / Showbiz professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Beauty Pageant Aspirants
  • Krea Image+ for Politicians / Bureaucrats
  • Krea Image+ for Service Sector professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Media Professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Medical professionals
  • Krea Image+ for Sportsmen / Sportswomen
  • Krea Image+ for Defence Forces / Paramilitary Forces
  • Krea Image+ for Aviation professionals

Krea Image Management Clinics

Krea Image Management Solutions (KIMS) offers eight Image Management Clinics dealing with a spectrum of image needs of individuals across the globe. These novel clinics are the outcome of extensive market research, development, testing, consumer feedback, corrective actions and refinements and so on, that have been brought out by Conselle.

The clinics boost image evaluation services for realistic and bespoke services in line with the customer's interest, time availability and budget constraints. They are one-on-one with the client and conducted in a highly structured and well knit manner.