The Krea Triangle of Learning (KTL)

Krea's training vertical is called Krea's Triangle of Learning (KTL).
The training industry is a wide arena that offers a plethora of diverse options. The essence of Krea's business is a splendid blend of Corporate and Persona training supported by Customer Orientation. This product is divided into three mega segments represented by the vertexes of the Krea's Triangle of Learning which, when put together build the ideal professional for the corporate world.

  • ♦ Corporate Skills
  • ♦ Persona Management
  • ♦ Customer Service Orientation

Krea offers Psychometric Assessments and Mapping as a value add that supplements the analysis and growth of every individual on the personal and professional level in each of the above vertexes, by a competent team of experts.

Over and above the training triangle, Krea also provides its expertise in Train the Trainer for organizations that are looking at enhancement of their training work force, using systematized and proven methodologies, by experts in the line.

Corporate Skills

The first vertex of the Krea Training triangle represents Corporate Skills like Leadership, Decision Making, Team Work, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Motivation, Problem Solving, Negotiation skills, Cross Cultures and a plethora of subjects to enhance motivation and productivity as well as elevate the professional level of the individuals working in corporate scenarios. Analysis and improvement of individuals are offered by way of Psychometric Assessments and Mapping at Krea.

Who could benefit…

This product reaches out to various levels of Corporate houses; Hotels; Government organizations; Educational Institutions; Administrative Staff of Colleges, Schools and Hospitals etc.

Persona Management

The second vertex of the triangle represents the Persona of an individual, the very core and fabric of a personality. Personal Skills like Communication, Etiquette, Grooming, Interview Handling, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence Building, Ethics etc are the building blocks of the training that Krea imparts.

One needs to 'Have the advantage over competition' in every area of life. This thumb rule is the most pertinent reason to the increasing demand for training in Soft Skills, Persona and Image Management. Krea adds the essential polish to aspiring as well as accomplished professionals.

The training also offers Image Management, Etiquette, Poise and Grace, Personality Development to the finest details of positive self-imaging, positive body language, making lasting impressions, grooming, power dressing, time management, the art of effective communication amongst others.

Who could benefit…
The product is ideally suited for students at the threshold of joining corporate houses / new joinees / Supervisory / Middle Management of Corporate Houses; Hospitality personnel; Media Personnel and Lawyers; Faculty of Educational Institutes etc.

Image Management training is suited for any person/group, age, gender or profile. From a socialite, homemaker, student, to a model, teacher, or professional – any person desirous of being able to make an impact, can undergo the training.

Customer Service Orientation

The third vertex represents Customer Service Orientation that establishes people handling skills with poise and grace as also fine tunes the importance of a customer and his needs. Krea's modules include the Components of Customer Service, Customer Service skills, the Cardinal Principles, Imperatives like Active Listening and Questioning Techniques, Customer Satisfaction Behaviour Patterns, Customer Retention and Building Styles amongst others.

Who could benefit…
This product is designed to reach out to Corporate houses, Retail Houses/ Units, BPO's/ KPO's, government organizations like CRPF, Airport/Airline Staff, Hotels, Railways, Police, Municipal Corporation, Administration Staff of Colleges, Schools and Hospitals, CSRs of Malls, Food Outlets etc. that directly deal with people and problem solving or query handling.

Train The Trainer Certification (Krea T3)

Over and above the training triangle, Krea also provides its expertise in Train the Trainer for organizations that are looking at enhancement of their training work force, using systematized and proven methodologies, by experts in the line. Krea's T3 additionally provides for Training Audits that establish the training needs of trainers on a personal and professional front through acclaimed methodologies including Psychometrics.

The Trainers are trained, assessed and certified by Krea. The training material used by them may also be validated for the content certification by Krea, if desired by the customer. Training Audits can also be conducted periodically as also refresher courses, depending on the Audit results.

Krea's T3 provides results in the growth and evolution of trainers in terms of better presentation strategies, retention of information, enhanced orchestration of a session, multi faceted facilitation formats and the art of creating a stimulating learning environment in a training session.

Who could benefit…
This product is designed to reach out to Corporate houses, Educational Organizations and Institutions, Retail Houses / Units etc who have a training work force who need to be analyzed, trained, certified, regularly audited and assessed for enhancement and growth in the interests of the organization.


Today the behavioural science of psychology has made rapid advances in enabling human understanding and appreciation of their real potential. Krea trains professionals in psychometrics to facilitate better understanding of self as well as people around oneself in the personal, professional and social envelope.

BAT 9, a battery of nine psychometric assessments is offered as part of the product basket, either as a whole or in parts as found appropriate. The battery of scientific assessments based on the research of prominent psychologists helps you become aware to optimize and capitalize on their strengths and capabilities. The results of such high value assessments, impact directly on performance improvement both in task as well as people management.

People from all walks of life can benefit from being trained on understanding the human being in a very extremely holistic manner in terms of Attitude, Beliefs, Values, Competency and Personality. Krea is in association with Oscar Murphy International, a reputed name in the world of psychometrics globally.

The BAT 9

  • ♦ FITS - Personality Profiling Inventory (based on Carl Gustav Jung's research)
  • ♦ 4 C's Factors of Behaviour (based on William Marston's research)
  • ♦ People Performance Competency 20 (based on the research by Boyatis and others)
  • ♦ Multiple Intelligence ( based on Howard Gardner's research)
  • ♦ Behaviour Pattern Analysis (based on Skinner's research)
  • ♦ Communication Pattern Analysis (based on Eric Berne's research)
  • ♦ Learning Style Preferences – PRES (based on research by Kurt Lewin, David Kolb,John Dewey and Jean Piaget)
  • ♦ Learning Styles – VAK (based on Neil D Fleming's research)
  • ♦ Learning Styles – CARS (based on Anthony F Gregor's research)