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In the contemporary scenario, there is a huge demand for good employable resources who have skills that go beyond mere technical expertise. While education and experience takes care of the latter to a large extent; ironically the former is generally ignored until it stands as a road block at some stage in one's personal growth or career ladder.

To become successful in any field in a competitive arena, it is imperative that one must create an opportunity to display his/her talent and skills as well as do a very good job of it. One could prepare data and statistics for a board meeting and collate it sensibly for the presentation, but what if one does not know how to present it effectively and use one's soft skills as a tool or catalyst to impress, persuade and impact the decision making process.

Developing effective interpersonal skills and an appropriate image is crucial to success with increasing competition in every walk of life. Organisations today realize the need for specific courses designed to hone their employees' inter-personal skills and expose them to the corporate culture in the right perspective.

Krea is a new generation training and development firm that understands the requirements of the emergent and enterprising professional and is geared to deliver quality training to fulfill these needs. The training focuses on enhancing human asset quality and productivity, and inculcates business and customer orientation specifically attuned to the requirements of the industry.

Krea offers a plethora of professional courses and modules that focus on effective corporate skills, persona management, customer service and related skills required in today's world. That apart, Krea also offers customization for its clients within its product basket, in order to provide high quality training that is relevant and apt to the needs of the client.

Various organizations look at hiring talent that comes groomed for the job from Day One. Krea's training on Persona and Image Management looks at making its learners into accomplished social assets. We seek to give that sense of `completion' to the educational experience for the learner, regardless of his/her age.

Krea's training is a healthy tangent from the traditional format of learning in India and on a platform in line with constantly updated curriculum ensuring that it is relevant to the changing needs of the industry at large. In this age of quicksilver pace of change, theories and hypothesis mislay their relevance faster than ever before. Krea's course content is constantly updated to make it pertinent to the present day scenario. Krea's curriculum and training operates on unique models which focus on quality education par excellence in a scientifically devised methodology.