Persona and Image Management

The second vertex of Krea's training triangle represents Persona and Image Management (PRIM) of an individual; the quintessential core and fabric of a personality. Krea adds the essential polish to aspiring as well as accomplished professionals and individuals from all walks of life, levels, age and profiles as well as organisations. The training offers the Elements of Image Management and Personality Development to the finest details of positive self concept, body language, etiquette, grooming, power dressing and wardrobe essentials,poise and grace,  the art of effective communication and making lasting impressions amongst many other aspects. Personal Skills like Communication, Interview Handling, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence Building, Ethics etc are the other building blocks of the training that Krea imparts.

Who could benefit…

The product is ideally suited for students at the threshold of joining corporate houses / new joinees / Supervisory / Middle Management of Corporate Houses; Hospitality personnel; Media Personnel and Lawyers; Faculty of Educational Institutes etc.


Image Management training is suited for any person/group, age, gender or profile. From a socialite, homemaker, student, to a model, teacher, or professional – any person desirous of being able to make an impact, can undergo the training.

Persona and Image Management

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