Train The Trainer Certification

Over and above the training triangle, Krea also provides its expertise in Train the Trainer for organizations that are looking at enhancement of their training work force, using systematized and proven methodologies, by experts in the line. Krea's T3 additionally provides for Training Audits that establish the training needs of trainers on a personal and professional front through acclaimed methodologies including Psychometrics. The Trainers are trained, assessed and certified by Krea. Training Audits with Micro Analysis are conducted periodically as also refresher courses, depending on the Audit results.

Krea's T3 provides results in the growth and evolution of trainers in terms of better presentation strategies, retention of information, enhanced orchestration of a session, multi faceted facilitation formats and the art of creating a stimulating learning environment in a training session.

Who could benefit…

This product is designed to reach out to Corporate houses, Educational Organizations and Institutions, Retail Houses / Units etc who have a training work force who need to be analyzed, trained, certified, regularly audited and assessed for enhancement and growth in the interests of the organization.


Train The Trainer Certification

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