Persona & Image Management

Krea provides mentorship and consultancy in Persona & Image Management (PRIM) to individuals, groups and organisations. It defines and conducts this proactive process of evaluating and controlling the impact of one's appearance and its resulting response, in a scientifically devised process and flow. Krea takes care of all the elements of image management, styling, persona management, multidimensional etiquette,communication etc.

Krea offers the biggest advantage of premium mentorship with the World's First and only Image Scientist, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal who conducts intensive personalised sessions with desirous candidates and helps in cultivating and enhancing their image in entirety.

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal touches the the quintessential core and fabric of a personality! She mentors public figures, C-Suite and Business Heads, corporate professionals as well as aspiring beauty pageant contestants and models in PRIM. She also adds the essential polish to aspiring as well as accomplished professionals and individuals from all walks of life, levels, age and profiles as well as organisations.  

PRIM mentorship is suited for any person/group, age, gender or profile. From a socialite, homemaker, student, to a model, teacher, or professional – any person desirous of being able to make an impact, can undergo the mentorship.

Persona & Image Management

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