We at The Image Scientist’s Lab (TISL) are serious and focussed about the work we do and our time is of utmost importance and value. We would truly want to support individuals who are aligned to and respect our values.

We recommend that you take the PIQ Assessment or use any of our PRIM enhancement products only if you agree to the following -

  • This is about the core science of Persona and Image Management as well as, Strategic Self Management, and is not a business. The money you pay is for our time, something we treat as a precious commodity. The time we invest is irreversible, hence we choose to make the most of it in our relationship with you to understand and support you in reference to our subject of expertise. By taking the PIQ assessment or PRIM Enhancer or any of our products, you are paying for the valuable time of the First Image Scientist in the World and a highly qualified and experienced backend team who work together to understand and bring forth relevant perspectives, and offer solutions when required, with regard to your growth and evolution in our subject.
  • While we attach importance to commercials and you pay for our time and services, we do not want it if it is going to be used in a way to jeopardize our work or seal your place of power in the relationship. We sincerely value and respect who you are and what you do, but your designation or your place in society is irrelevant to us in our scientific space. Everyone is equal in our eyes so we thank you in advance for refraining from name dropping or exerting influence of any sort.
  • Every human being has his/her own intelligence, brilliance and preferences that over time may have been altered or disturbed by several factors within one’s environment. We make no claims of therapeutic cures or of meeting your goals; however, our only intention is to help you introspect in an improved manner so as to be able to move closer towards being a better version of yourself in life.
  • We respect and value you and we have the same expectations of you in our relationship, so that we have no limiting factor or discord in our association.
  • Our relationship of guidance is based on scientific testing and deductions and we believe in being there for you. You are free to ask pertinent questions that are connected with your PRIM enhancement. However, please do not resort to unnecessary challenging or ego clashes, as these are severely draining and will not help us meet our objective. Polite conversations fuelled with respect and understanding goes a long way towards healthy associations.
  • In the way some ailments take longer to heal or resolve, or vary from person to person, there is no single rule of thumb for individuals for PRIM Enhancement. You would need to work on yourself sincerely and be patient to reap its benefits.
  • We do not force you to follow a certain path of enhancement; though we may make suggestions and recommendations based on what our Lab team feels is what you need and the best for you. We do not guarantee results.
  • Beautiful things happen when relationships are built on trust, transparency, knowledge, sharing and genuineness, and this is what we aim to build with you. This will help us do the one thing we truly want for you, and that is, to help you build your persona and image.
  • PIQ and information provided herein is confidential and copyright protected by legal rules; and use without written consent is illegal. The PIQ Assessment is based on extensive scientific research over many years and there is no claim to it being all-embracing or all‐inclusive. The outcomes of the assessment draw attention to our opinions and judgments at a certain point in time, and are subject to changes ahead in prospective altered environments and influences. The conclusions and deductions are not to be construed as psychological or physiological opinion or advice. The purpose of the assessment is to give you an insight about yourself on the elements of PRIM, so that you can grow and evolve further, and move a step closer to a better version of you. You are at full liberty to decide your way ahead for PRIM Enhancement.
  • The PIQ Assessment or PRIM Enhancer is not a replacement for personality development techniques or modern / current-age makeovers or beauty treatments etc. We will help you understand yourself better on the various elements of image, by way of scientific methods and honesty in our inputs to you and try and suggest the best approaches for you.

If you agree to all of this, we warmly welcome you aboard. We invite you to Have a Rendezvous With Yourself and do everything it takes to enhance you Persona and Image.



The Image Scientist’s Lab (TISL)

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