Corporate Profile

Krea denotes Kreative Realities; it also means 'action' (verb) in Devanagari and 'creation' in Spanish which are the basis of the spirit behind the venture to create value for the customer.
Action (krea) is eloquence. And when that action is triggered from the creative mind it exudes constructive attributes like innovation, logic, focus, flexibility, attention, memory etc. And what better if it is engaged through the medium of 'fun and enjoyment'. Krea typically helps nurture individuals towards personal empowerment as well as professional enhancement and performance through the medium of creative intelligence and scientific methodologies.

One needs to 'Have the advantage over competition' in every area of life. This thumb rule is the most pertinent reason to the increasing demand for training in Soft Skills, Persona and Image Management. Krea adds the essential polish to aspiring as well as accomplished professionals. Krea which is engaged in human capital training and development is the vision of a proficient 'corporate' educationist who has traversed multiple industries in the corporate sector for over two decades making a mark in every sector and being acknowledged and applauded with myriad recognitions and awards.


To be the most sought after multi dimensional training consultancy globally.


To be the global leader in our core areas of expertise through constant innovation, synergy and enhancement of available resources in a sustained manner.


♦ Deliver commitments to customers through world class standards.
♦ Sincerity of purpose and transparency.